IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THIS PAGE IN THE LAST 10 DAYS  –  Please read all information prior to booking in for a church service

Recommencing church in person

Calvary Chapel Newcastle will be meeting together again in person each Sunday from 15th November. It will all feel a little different to the pre-pandemic meetings, but we believe the Lord is leading these next steps and will meet us with His sufficient grace as we continue to worship and learn as a church.





The Uniting Church building at 178 Glebe Road


From Sunday 15th November 2020 and onwards, we will be meeting at 4pm.

How many people will be there?

With social distancing restrictions, our main church building is able to accommodate 51 people plus staff. The main kids hall is likewise able to accommodate 41 plus staff. As such, we will have separate drop off point for kids’ church so that we are able to accommodate as many as possible in the main church building (adults, teens and children not attending kids church).
We have utilised a pre-booking system to prevent the service from over-filling. There will be a different link each week to register which will be available on this website page at 8pm on a Monday night. Creche will be available and registration for this should be made through the kids church register.

What about online?

We will be recording services and they will be available afterwards on Facebook and the website.

How do I register for a gathering?

Further down this page is the link for the latest registration form. A new link will be made available each week on this website and our Facebook page.

If you have missed out on a spot but would still like to come, please register for the  “cancellation list”. The first to do so will have first opportunity to be registered in case of a vacancy being made available.

If you have registered to come but can no longer make it, please email Mick as soon as you’re able: mick@ccn.org.au

A note for booking in families with children:

When booking, there will be four “services” to choose from (on the weeks that youth meets). This covers (youth), creche, kids church and the main church service.

Each person, no matter their age needs to be booked into one and only one of the four services (Church, Creche, Kid’s, Youth); this includes babies who will not be in creche and should therefore be booked into their own slots in the main church service.

What will services look like?

Upon arrival, you will be asked to check in with name and contact details.

Your temperature will also be taken in order to meet government restriction requirements.

If you have children, please check them in first in the kids church area (main kid’s hall)

A friendly reminder that nobody may enter a room for which they haven’t booked, i.e. Kids cannot attend the main service and vice versa. There will be space made outside for parents and their children to be able to chat and mingle

An usher will then show you to your seat. Seating must be in household groups, and we will provide adequate distancing between each household group as per current restrictions.

It is also a requirement that we remain seated for the duration of the service, unless you need to use the bathroom or are involved in leading the service.

Congregational singing is not permitted, so there will be a time of music for contemplation as well as times for prayer corporately as the body of Christ. We are excited to see what impact this extra focus on prayer has in our region.

There will be opportunity to mingle, but in a socially distant manner.

When should I stay home?

Do not attend a service if any of the following apply to you:

1. You have COVID-19, or have been tested for COVD-19 and have not yet received your results.

2. If you are unwell (fever >37.5C, cough, shortness of breath, runny nose or other cold/flu symptoms)

3. If you have travelled to a COVID Hot Spot in the last 14 days.

4. If you have not registered via the registration website.


Other Safety Measures


Should I wear a face mask?

You do not need to wear a face mask through the service. We do encourage the use of masks whilst entering and leaving as per NSW Health recommendations. Children under 12 are not required to wear masks.

What about handwashing?

Hand sanitiser will be provided at points of entry and exit.

What about afternoon tea after the church service has finished?

Afternoon tea will not be happening, please see the note about mingling in the “What will services look like?” section above.




If you have registered to come but can no longer make it, please email Mick as soon as you’re able: mick@ccn.org.au