Terry was born and raised in Canada, where he met his wife Lindy.  He studied at Calvary Chapel Bible College, Murrieta, California. They have been living and ministering at Calvary Chapel Newcastle since founding it in 2002.

As well as teaching weekly at Calvary Chapel Newcastle, Terry has also taught at a Calvary Chapel Bible College extension campus. However, Terry is simply known to many around Newcastle as Terry the Tiler, as he undertakes his tiling trade part time, allowing him to live out his faith through his trade in the wider community.

Terry and Lindy have a family of 3 young boys and believe family life to be a high priority in their calling.

Terry says

I love the Scripture and give it high emphasis in the ministry at Calvary Chapel Newcastle. I believe that the study of God’s Word is powerful for knowing God and for equipping the believers for ministry in the church, at home, at work and at play. I’ve found much of the Spirit’s ministry happens as we fellowship with one another, so I value the building of relationships in the body of Christ. We like to keep things simple, so our emphasis can remain on what Christ values: sincerity in worship, healthy believers, and outreach.